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Chesterton Tutorials

Squarespace Tutorials for Chesterton Academy Websites

Navigating Your Site

To login to website admin, go to http://squarespace.com/login and enter your username and password. This video explains how to find your way around your website using the editing interface.

Editing Page Content

This video explains how to make basic edits to pages on your site, such as changing text, adding photos and video, etc.

Changing Background Images

This video explains how to change the banner images at the tops of pages, as well as the background images of index pages.

Editing the Homepage Gallery

This video explains how to add, remove, or switch out pictures in the slideshow gallery at the top of the homepage.

Editing the Faculty Directory

This video explains how to edit the photos and bios in the faculty directory, delete faculty members, and add new members.

Creating and Editing Events

This video explains how to post events in your calendar, edit existing events, delete events, and duplicate events.

Posting on Your News Blog

This video explains how to post news items, edit posts, delete posts, and duplicate posts.

Adding a Product to an Event

This video shows how to create a Product and add it to an Event.

  • If you are creating a product that will not be mailed such as event tickets, choose “Service” as the product type.